What we do

We do community-based work to make life better for people who live in our community. Some projects serve individuals. Others help us all. Every last one is real estate related (because that’s what we do best). Think pre-paying electric bills long overdue or helping a house become more habitable for the people who call it home. You know, neighborly things. Sometimes we do work like tidying up a park that’s been neglected or making shared spaces into places we can actually, well, share. Ultimately, we’re just a group of neighbors trying to make the neighborhood a better place for all of us. 


Our Work

We completed our first project in 2015. As our business has grown, so has our impact. We’re pretty proud of the difference we’ve made together. See for yourself in the short films below.


Serve | Contribute | Connect

We aren’t new to the neighborhood. After more than a decade of successful business, we wanted to say thank you to the city that made Armstrong Real Estate possible.

Armstrong Real Estate Foundation is a non-profit run by neighbors for neighbors. It’s also our thank you. Whether you’re behind on your mortgage, struggling to keep the heat on, or truly need help making your home more livable, we’re here to help.

Armstrong Real Estate gives a percentage of our profits directly to our foundation. The money we donate ensures 100% of the foundation's administrative costs are covered so that 100% of outside donations go towards helping someone in need.



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